About Us

Why Vaia Beauty

We were fed up with all the brands who tell us to change, to brighten our skin, to change our look, to change into some fake ideal. We know who we are. We know we are beautiful. And you can be confident that our lines will always be designed with you in mind. Be real. Be authentic. Be you.

The name Vaia comes from an old Buddhist story about everlasting beauty in the face of adversity and the challenges of life.Vaia Beauty is the new brand for modern women of all shades of life. Vaia Beauty believes in being your best self, looking fabulous every day. But to feel our best, we also need to stay true to your values. Our products are therefore made from guaranteed vegan ingredients of exceptional quality.

We will not sell in any markets if animal testing could be done without our knowledge. And we do not use palm oil to stop the destruction of rainforests and to protect essential habitats of orangutans.

Too long have others ignored us or at best seen us as an afterthought. Too long were we treated as second class cosmetics citizens.

Vaia Beauty cosmetics company was founded as a celebration of diversity to serve mixed and dark skinned women everywhere.

With Vaia Beauty you can be sure that you do good to yourself and good to the world around you. This is our time. The world is changing and we are here to change it with you. Our mission is to support you in fully expressing yourself, looking fabulous every day and unleash your true colors.